People are way too freaking sentimental. It’s why we still have the penny, and it’s why we save too much crap. Keep the treasures, bull-doze and build up the rest. Cities are already too packed and too expensive to keep preserving useless or ugly buildings. » 4/17/15 4:07pm Friday 4:07pm

I sold almost my entire Jordan collection on eBay 18 months ago. Every single pair had been worn, and each pair sold for more than I paid for them. My pair of Jordan VII Bordeauxs I purchased for $150 in 2011, worn them 12 times or so, and sold them for $300. It's freaking crazy. » 4/04/15 5:07pm 4/04/15 5:07pm

Unfortunately I rear ended somebody a couple months ago and I’m pretty sure it was fraudulent. Traffic was moving about 20 mph on the highway and this woman literally just dead stopped for no reason. I should have been able to stop, but it was just so unexpected since traffic was moving and I could clearly see past… » 4/04/15 3:12pm 4/04/15 3:12pm