When I was looking for a roommate a month ago, one of the candidates said he spearfished regularly and had all the gear, and that if he moved in, I would be more than welcome to accompany him. That was almost enough incentive to ignore that his income wasn't stable. Now you are making me second guess my decision. » 7/23/14 2:32pm Wednesday 2:32pm

Eventually it could go that way. I'm sure Apple would love the control from an in house chip and an ARM processor should deliver better battery life. Considering most people only use their MacBooks for basic office work and web stuff, ARM should be able to handle that fine. » 7/23/14 2:26pm Wednesday 2:26pm

I have a rainbow vinyl on my macbook pro that makes the apple look like the old logo. (which is probably why it's in the video). They sell all sorts of vinyls on Amazon and Etsy. But Damn It Apple! Don't make this super trendy or I'll have to remove mine. #hipstermentality » 7/23/14 10:51am Wednesday 10:51am

The funny thing is Time Warner and AT&T U'verse (and I'm sure many others) do the same misdirection, repetitive questioning, and round robin arguments during their retention calls. It's an industry wide problems that is probably not going to change. » 7/22/14 1:35pm Tuesday 1:35pm

I leave for Europe in 5 weeks, but in that 5 weeks I have to complete 2 grad school applications and at least start on the third. That includes 8 essays, arranging 2 letters of recommendations per school, and re-working my resume to be b-school appropriate. All of this, while competing against people who have enough… » 7/22/14 11:15am Tuesday 11:15am