A few years ago the company sent out an email that read a little like spam. Somebody decided to hit reply all with "Please remove me from this mailing list". Something like 300 other people followed with reply all the same "Remove me" message, and another 100 or so replied all saying "stop hitting reply all". That's… » 11/21/14 4:31pm Friday 4:31pm

This is why I sort of like the way United handles it (well, now that I get priority boarding). They make a few announcements about not having space during the boarding process and let people who check board earlier. Then, BEFORE the plane is full, they cut it off and make everybody else check. It took them a long time… » 11/19/14 11:23am Wednesday 11:23am

When I worked at Best Buy we would pass out slips for the laptops about an hour before the store opened. As I was walking down the line, the line decided to curl around me and enclose me in the crowd. I immediately realized what had happened and tucked the slips and said no more. Customers started grabbing me and… » 11/16/14 9:10pm 11/16/14 9:10pm